Software Development

Full-stack Web and Interactive Media

Nowadays I’m developing the Common Database, a new approach in data management: it’s a peer-to-peer distributed data-network for the Common Good, agent-centric for personal or private data, world-centric for common or public data, based on an integral, flexible, modular, atomic and semantic architecture. I’m also a founder of the IntegralDevs team (which started at GitHub but is moving to GitLab), with the goals explained here, and sharing the same basic principles as a backing non-profit association Health and Integral Development (

Also since 2016 I’m developing the Open Collaborative Platform (OCP), a software evolved from the ValueNetwork by Mikorizal (used by Sensorica), a Django (Python) platform based on REA accounting, now transformed into a multi-context, multi-domain (multi login and register) system, where every project can have their own register questions, their membership management tools, giving the option to create their own share’s type and price, custom payment gateways, etc. Used in production by the FreedomCoop cooperative and various projects around FairCoop, and then also used by Bank of the Commons as the membership and share’s management system. The open-source repository is here.

Between 2014 and 2016 I was producing custom WordPress plugins and child themes in PHP to solve the needs of the FairCoop worldwide cooperative, mainly doing the GetFaircoin site and its various payment gateways (synchronous for credit cards with Fairbill, or asynchronous like bank transfers) but also a custom voting poll plugin for the original site (which was a WP mixture of social network, forums, blog and maps). Most of the stuff is at my old GitHub profile.

Just before the launch of FairCoop I’ve developed a custom flexible software to manage the various sectors of an integral cooperative, implementing the first part for the various membership processes at CIC (Catalan Integral Cooperative). That was the first version of GestioCI in 2014, a Django platform which included a flexible data model called General App.

Between 2013 and 2014 I assumed the developing of the CoopFunding co-financing platform (another WordPress with custom payment gateways, plugins and child theme), and also I’ve created a pure php+JS system to manage the CicMob collective telephone service used by many members of the CIC, billing every phone line with a detailed PDF invoice every month.

From 2007 to 2013 I’ve worked for commercial e-learning publishers doing interactive e-learning text-books and tools, with simulators, self-correcting exercises, animations and videos. Started in 2007 hired as a Flash animator, I became specialized in programming of complex simulators and exercises, and finally developed a way of sharing objects of all kinds between the hundreds of exercises and e-book pages by means of a set of shared libraries (in ActionScript2), designed to share not only graphic objects but also code snippets and templates.

I’ve been promoted first to Animation Department Director and later to Tech Development Director in Digital-Text (a startup publisher later absorbed by Grupo Oceano). That “object’s sharing” techniques became the basic working implementation of the subsequent versions of their text-books, and also was the basic software structure of the new ScienceBits e-learning modules (a more recent publisher based in Barcelona, which hired me before I turned to more ‘common-good’ activist activities in 2013).

Since 2000 I’ve been developing some e-commerce websites, including the coding of their checkout payment pages (JS+PHP) and the graphic web design (CSS+HTML). Recently I’m also producing static server-less web pages (like, rendered by the same code repository service (GitHub or GitLab) using their continuous integration (CI) features.