Some animation demos, 2d and 3d, created by Sebastià Freixa:


IVM (Visual Interpretation of Music):


Ark de Kolors

Its a segment sold to RTVE (Spanish national TV) for the Sesame Street program by CTW (Children’s Television Workshop, USA), on 1996, televised in many countries around the world.

Music, Design (storyboard), Animation and Production: S.Freixa


DubDemo nº1

Its a self-produced pilot to promote a Serial of IVM segments that is still for sale (for TV, web, etc).

Concept, Music, Design, Animation and Production: S.Freixa



Other animations:


“Escuela de Música”: chapters 7, 8 and 9

This are three of the nine segments that form the serial “Escuela de Música” ordered by TVE for “Barrio Sésamo” (Sesame Street) in the times that I’ve been hired as a Scriptwriter (and also as a Designer, music Composer and animation Producer), from ’97 to ’99.

Script, Music, Design and Production: S.Freixa


Web for ‘Yeti Emotions’

Here it is the previous website (requires FlashPlayer) of this outdoor adventures company, designed and programmed by S.Freixa in 2000, with lot of cartoon animation (one clip for every section).


FairCoop launch and FairCoin videos:

When the FairCoop started, in 2014, following the collective agreed goals, I did the script, the storyboard and produced the following videos with a team of animators:

FairCoop: the Earth cooperative for a fair economy

The FairCoin and a fair economic system